Man on Bridge

Man contemplating life on the bridge



This is one of the homes in the hostel where police were quelling protest with rubber bullets. The protest was about a lack of basic services for the residents, such as sanitation and building renovations as some of the buildings are literally falling apart. This, to my estimate, was one of the biggest risks as some of these homes housed entire families with small children.

From the kitchen to the loo

Hope: A photo essay

When tasked to do a photo essay on symbols of ‘hope’ I ended up at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. This site, known during apartheid as ‘Number 4’, is where many anti-apartheid activists were incarcerated, tortured and humiliated for fighting for a free South Africa against Afrikaner Nationalism/Fascism. Ironically, when Paul Kruger built it in 1896 he had done so precisely to protect South Africa from British imperialism. On the day I visit the precinct I find uniformed children on a school excursion; they are excited. It’s their first time at the precinct and they can’t wait to climb on the chairs of the bar in the constitutional court. They understand little of what the constitution is all about but they know that it protects them somehow and they are here to meet it. I thought that there was nothing more hopeful than that.